Music On The Go: “Chandelier” By Sia

Pick a song, any song, in the charts and you can bet your bottom dollar that Sia Furler had something to do with the production of that track! Her songwriting credentials range from Britney to Rihanna. She’s been revamping their genre and giving them hit after hit. Now it’s her turn!

“Chandelier” is an epic pop ballad about releasing yourself to the night when you have a broken heart and swinging from the ceiling because that’s just how Sia rolls! It’s been a good four years since she last got her solo on and I couldn’t be more excited. The time has come for her to step out of Beyonce’s shadow and become a hit maker herself! Good for you, Sia! You go, Sia!


Music On The Go: “Rumour” By Chlöe Howl

Eighteen-year-old Chlöe Howl has got critics and myself buzzing. As 2014 approaches, everyone is looking for that next star to heat up our airwaves and get our toes a-tapping and I think Miss Howl might just be one of those lucky few to get us going.

“Rumour” is a fun British electro-pop/indie funk hybrid about… well, rumours and the stigma attached to them. It talks about trying to find something genuine in a world made up of hearsay and general bitchiness. She’s shortlisted for the BBC Sound of 2014 alongside some pretty heavy competition but whatever the outcome her album is due out next year and this lady is definitely going to have us all talking! You go, Chlöe Howl!

Music On The Go: “Team” By Lorde

She’s divided opinions and James Arthur from the top of the UK Single Charts but I can’t help but love Lorde. She’s been killing it this year with her song “Royals” and her new track “Team” is seriously kick ass as well!

An electrohop attack on the big bad cities and overrated artists “Team” is the third single from her Pure Heroine album and the video is truly something as well. Consisting of a world of teenagers living in ruined buildings and North Face coats, Lorde rocks some serious braids whilst people get knocked over on bikes. My description really doesn’t do it justice… Either way, it’s a killer track from a truly killer artist! Enjoy!

What We REALLY Love This Week… Lily Allen’s Return!

Say what you want about Lily Allen because she ain’t listening! For too long we have had silence on her end whilst she got married had babies and recorded Keane songs for sad/happy John Lewis adverts. But now she’s back!

“Hard Out Here” is the first track from her third album and I really don’t want to oversell this but IT’S FUCKING AMAZING! It’s a song about women in the media getting things done without a penis and there is a delicious sight of her crotch-grabbing in a Nicki Minaj-esque video. It really is hard out here for a bitch (her words, not mine!) but not for Miss Allen, she’s the business!

Music On The Go: “Things Can Only Happen” By Russian Red

Now I’m not going to pretend that I know everything about Spanish music because I would be lying and I have too much respect for this blog’s audience. But what I do know is that Russian Red is a Spanish folky type artist with an interesting sound.

“Things Can Only Change” is a cute live performance featuring only the artist, firework-esque noises in the background and a sample of Russian Red speaking her lovely native tongue. I don’t know what’s going on with this song but what I do know is that I like It and I hope you guys will too!

What We Love This Week… “Her”!

This week, we love the trailer for Spike Jonze’s “Her” starring Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara, Amy Adams and Scarlett Johansson. This science fiction romance tells the story of a socially awkward divorcee that develops romantic feelings for the computer operating system “Samantha” he enlists to help combat his depression.

It’s a topic that really hits home in this age of technology and the blurred lines that occur between reality and fiction. It’s a shame Samantha Morton was replaced by Johansson because Miss Morton has held a place in my heart since “Control” but I’m still excited to see such an ambitious film being presented this year. Move over Siri, Samantha’s here now!

Music On The Go: “Invisible Empire” By KT Tunstall

Scotland are just killing it these days aren’t they?! Not a week a go I was gushing about Chvrches and now my KT Tunstall addiction has well and truly returned with an almighty vengeance. It’s been a few years since KT threw off her Tiger Suit and got back in the studio. She’s been to Hell and back what with her divorce and the tragic loss of her father but she is working through it with her new album, Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon. The second single from her fourth effort, “Invisible Empire” is melodic look back at her own world and the foolishness of her ways and it is, because there is no other way to say this, fucking beautiful. It’s all about her voice with the tinkling far away melody and chaste guitar. And I’ve never seen a woman look better in suit of Armour.