What We Love This Week: Lisa Wilkinson

You may or may not have heard (unfortunately for you, we’re expecting the former), but the long awaited movie of Twilight fan-fic, ’50 Shades of Grey’ hit the silver screen this Valentine’s weekend. The film is already raising eyebrows, and for all the wrong reasons.

One reporter, Lisa Wilkinson, of Today Show Australia thought honesty was definitely the best policy when it came to her review of the latest cinema hype. She sums up our thoughts at VFM perfectly. Lisa, this week, YOU are our journalism Valentine! Step aside, Charlie Brooker! You’ve got some competition.

Take a look for yourself:


What We Love This Week…Cats in Tights

Cats. Cats. Cats. Cats. The household pets have been a love of the internet for the past few years, from lolcats to grumpy cat—we can’t get enough. Now, we’re on to a whole new era of kitty-love. Yes, cats are now in tights.

This is all brought to you from Meowtfit of the day, the tumblr page that gives people a daily dosage of cats in tights. ad_119640632



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