About Us/Get In Touch

VFM. A site born over a pint or two at Cat and Alicia’s local pub. 

This is the site for the media savvy: for the rock chick, the female film buff, for the dames with games, and for the guys who enjoy a dash of opinionated honesty.

We’re two university students on a mission to deliver the feminine touch on the male media.

Do you  have any questions, opinions, or topics you want us to cover? Are you a writer who wants to see your article published here? Don’t hesitate and get in touch! We don’t bite…much.


The Chicks On Lit team love to read and write about anything that’s Marvel, Mantel, or Manga!

Over at Dames On Games, we’re taking over the console! Finally!

Grrls On Film is giving a new meaning to the name! Covering cinema fads to new releases, we aim to get girls out the ‘Twilight’ zone!

Showing you that it’s not all Top 40 when girls are involved, Off The Record brings you reviews and news from all kinds of scenes and their Rock Queens!

And finally, we come to Running In Heels. These are the topics important to our hearts. And our minds. Exclusively feminist articles, we’re ready to delve into issues of female representation, stereotyping, and sexism.


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