In the words of Ross, “We Were On A BREAK!”

Hello internet folks and VFM followers!

Now, you may have realised it’s been a little quiet on the blog for a while now. I’m here with the explanation! Before you get worried, the site is going nowhere – VFM is to remain active for the foreseeable future and we have some fresh new articles on the way! However, now all out of university and trying to find our way in the big, scary world as adults, a lot of us have had to put our time and attention on other projects and into the workplace. Some of us have been travelling, others on internships and, in general, it’s all been a bit hectic!

LUCKILY a lot of us here at VFM have our individual blogs and pages that you can follow our ventures through! So, if you want some more reading material, or are just plain nosey and want to find out what we’re all up to, we’ll be sharing links soon! 😀