Music On The Go: “Workin’ Woman Blues” by Valerie June


Valerie June has my attention. She’s a singer from the Memphis music scene, who last year released the critically acclaimed album, “Pushin’ Against a Stone”, which got everyone pretty excited with collaborations from Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys and the legendary Booker T. Jones.

June brings a raw, country sound to the table and what can I say? I’m a sucker for a woman with a story in her song, and the single “Workin’ Woman Blues” is a track you can’t let go. It’s Americana that has all the feeling of blues, but none of the baggage. Yet, the one thing you can’t ignore, which ties up the track are her harrowing vocals. As soon as she opens the line, “I ain’t fit to be no mother, I ain’t fit to be no wife,” you are gripped and taken somewhere else that isn’t a rainy day in England.

“Workin’ Woman Blues” is necessary for a music listener on-the-go, as it’s a track you can either chill out to on a lazy afternoon or put on before a Saturday night.

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