Fandom, the Final Frontier.

The fourth wall is breaking, but not in the way that we expected.

Let’s be honest now, it was only a matter of time really, the giant sharing device that the internet is, we’ve  merely reached a whole new realm of internet communication y’all. Can be a good thing… maybe?

Helpful Urban Dictionary is helpful

Helpful Urban Dictionary is helpful

How long have the fans just been… well… Fans? And a lot of the hard work that goes into their fan art, fan fiction, cosplaying, shipping, theorists, group titles and general fan-ness been acknowledged as kinda weird?

Too long!

But a new dawn has arrived. One where the actors no longer observe the work of fans from afar, the final frontier has been crossed.

Actors are interacting with the fans and evolving… They’re becoming fans of their own shows.

The two most popular would be Sleepy Hollow’s Orlando Jones and Supernatural’s Osric Chau. A quick look through their tumblr and twitter accounts will give you pretty much the idea of interaction that has never happened before. In participating in the subculture that is a fandom they are promoting their shows simply by being.

The actors are becoming 9001% more relatable because well, they’re fangirling along with us and we love them for it.

He made the wrecking ball joke so I didn't have to

He made the wrecking ball joke so I didn’t have to

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