Women and Weight Part three: The Return of a Menace

There have been many famous diets over the years from the cookie dough diet to the cabbage one. All promising a perfect physique if you only cut out this or that certain food group. And that’s all diets are, a promise.

The majority of diets that have passed have been mostly harmless and a lot have been laughable. Then there have been some which are so dangerous that they make me as a human being psychotic with rage. Why, you ask? What diet could possibly be so bad? I’ll tell you. The tapeworm diet.

Beef tapeworm

Beef tapeworm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The diet first became popular in the Victorian era, when having a tiny waist was the ideal of beauty. It involves the ingestion of tapeworms. Back then young women who wanted the perfect figure would eat raw meat in the hope of getting a tapeworm, which would grow and eat them from the inside out, leaving the women thin and free to eat whatever they wanted and not worry about their expanding waist.

Of course ingesting a tapeworm would and did leave to such side effects as:

  • Malnutrition
  • Intestinal blockage
  • The formation of cysts in the liver, eyes, brain and spinal cord with potentially lethal consequences

However time passed and the need to have a size zero waist went, along with the tapeworm diet, thank God. But lo and behold as the need to be skinny came to be the new obsession of our society so returned the tapeworm diet. Now however, instead of eating raw meat women are illegally importing tapeworms found in cattle and ingesting them in order to be thin.

This of course is a seriously dangerous diet and if tapeworms are digested and left to grow, it will take more than a few worming tablets to get rid of them. And no- having a mars bar waved near your ass will not get rid of this deadly parasite.

But what makes things worse is when I went online to research this deadly and illegal form of dieting. While there were articles not exactly recommending the diet, there were a lot of websites telling people where to get these parasites and highlighting all the weight you could lose from this diet.

This writer, however, strongly recommends, no begs you not to do this diet. Unless shitting out a thirty foot tapeworm is your idea of a good Saturday afternoon.


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