Beware the BNP

BNP propaganda, depicting Tracey Connelly and Baby P.

BNP propaganda, depicting Tracey Connelly and Baby P.

One of the major news stories today is of course the release of Tracey Connelly, the mother of Baby P, just four years into her sentence- despite being told at her trial that she would serve a minimum of five years for ‘causing or allowing’ the death of her son.

There has been a lot of anger and backlash at this move by the justice system, and I confess that it doesn’t make much sense to me to release her before the five year period is up.

As long as we are aware that public opinion should not sway the justice system- justice should- I’d say we are allowed to be sceptical of the parole board’s decision. I get it, we’re humans, we don’t need psychology degrees and trial and parole board transcripts to get outraged by what we think is a lapse in a flawed system.

However, I do think people need to engage their brain a little before unthinkingly sharing the first outraged protest photo they see on Facebook.

This morning, I noticed that people on Facebook, who I’m fairly certain are not BNP voters, are sharing the BNP’s protest photo (pictured above).

Such charming comments on the photo by BNP’s supporters and sympathisers include ‘bloody joke!!!!!!!!!!!! she will get what is coming to her!!!!!!!!!!!’ and ‘there is no justice in Britain any more it makes me sick ,wish some one would start a justice league to make sure any unjust deeds will not go un punished. I would join’.

Firstly, her deed has been punished. She has been in prison for four years. I understand that four years seems a ridiculously short amount of time for the crime- Victoria Climbié’s murderers have been in jail for twelve years so far- but some justice has been served.

Secondly, starting up a vigilante group with BNP sympathies, to deal with cases where (not enough) justice has been served, is the worst idea I’ve heard since putting tinfoil covered steel spoons in the microwave.

One Justice League movie I never want to see

One Justice League movie I never want to see

I do not want the BNP’s sympathisers taking it upon themselves to sort out this mess for the justice system, no matter how good their intentions are. The Klu Klux Klan had some admirable goals as well, I recall- keeping their wives and children safe- but it all got a bit bogged down by their rampaging racism, and I think the BNP could share that Achilles’ heel.

But it also draws light to just how dangerous the BNP are, especially in this economic downturn. Posts on their Facebook page often protest things that affect a lot of us- the energy bills spike we’ll all be looking forward to this winter, cuts to social services courtesy of Cameron and Clegg- oh, and the white genocide, which, now that Black History Month is over, we can finally recognise (those selfish blacks).

The BNP is a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing, and we should not be suckered in by their pretense at social justice- Nazi does standard for National Socialist German’s Workers Party after all.

Calm down, you’re thinking, it was only a Facebook photo.

If you really want to make a point about Connelly’s release on Facebook, please don’t make your bed, however inadvertently, with the BNP to do so- they’ll only want to kick you out of it in a couple of years with all those baby snatching Roma (so far babies have only been snatched FROM the Roma by supporters of the far right and the police), those job snatching Polish and those women snatching Blacks.

As a commenter on the BNP Facebook page said; ‘They [whoever ‘they’ are] wont be happy until all the genuine english people are forced out of their own country and the UK s full of immigrants’.

Like those bloody Normans. Or those flippin’ Vikings and dirty Romans. Even the Britons were Celts, who came from Central Europe (oh the irony!). In fact, everyone in the United Kingdom, especially the ‘English’ are immigrants. That’s what makes Britain ‘Great’, not an Empire that enslaved and killed millions. And if you can’t handle that whilst eating your fish and chips (which is Portuguese) and wearing a St. George’s flag (who was Turkish, like those people you don’t want in the EU that you don’t want to be in), then you know what?

I feel sorry for you.


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