What We Love This Week… Adult Wednesday Addams

October has been completely taken over by the holiday of Halloween.

It might not be as big a deal as it is in America, but it’s still holds a special spooky place in my heart. Mostly because it combines two of my favourite things, dressing up and eating sweets (I swear I’m an adult).

A family that I will always associate with the autumn sweet giving festival is the Addams family.  These eccentric characters embraced hobbies and crafts that the ‘regular folk’ might consider morbid, strange, even scary. All while being a fabulous example of what a loving and welcoming family unit was supposed to be.

 My personal favourite Addams was Wednesday, and not just because she attempted numerous times to ‘kill’ her younger brother Pugsley. There was something about the Wednesday Addams I grew up with that embodied the spirit of the clan’s credo Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc (We gladly feast on those who would subdue us). My favourite scene from the second Addams Family movie is when she takes on the role of ‘Pocahontus’ and leads a Native American revolt on the European settlers during the Thanksgiving play. For a long time, Christina Ricci was the only Wednesday for me, until a stumbled upon (yet another) web series.

Adult Wednesday Addams, is updated every Wednesday (of course) and follows a Ricci-based Wednesday as she navigates the life of we ‘millennials’ including living away from home, applying for jobs, on-line dating and the dealing with the infamous one night stand.

 With the seasonal spookiness reaching climax tomorrow I thought we could all enjoy the hard work that was put in to the writing and character casting and just drown a little in the nostalgia. Maybe even throw an Addams Family themed party? Who knows! Happy Halloween!


One thought on “What We Love This Week… Adult Wednesday Addams

  1. This is hilarious! Yea for funny women!

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