You should be watching: The Bravest Warriors

Hey you!

Yes, You!

The person reading this off of their laptop screen. Firstly, I apologize for my aggressive internet poking, secondly; do you happen to like Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, that bizarre yet incredibly nostalgic cartoon that everyone between the ages of 6 and 40 seems to be watching now-a-days?

If you haven’t you’re missing out on a math-matical time

You do?

Well do you know that Pendleton Ward has another brainchild on the internet that combines the same crazy plot line, unique animation style and colourful characters? Are you looking for something with all of this and a lot more dirty jokes than Adventure Time?

Let me tell you of the Bravest Warriors.

The Bravest Warriors can be found on the Youtube channel CartoonHangover. Four (racially diverse- because woah that doesn’t happen often enough) friends who are a team of heroes who travel the universe helping strange, terrifying, and sometimes cute aliens… all the while trying to figure out the how to release their parent’s from the mysterious See-Through-Zone. You’re gonna love it. Now on to the second season I can guarantee you at least one hour of joy.

But don’t take my word for it, here’s the first episode.

And if that hasn’t hooked you in. There is a character who is slightly more adorable than BMO.

Look at the precious precious thing



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