“Chinese Food”: Is This the New Internet Phenomenon?

It started with Rebecca Black. A product of ARK Music, who rose to fame in 2011. Now, whenever somebody says Friday, there are still people who can’t help but mutter, painfully, Friday…Friday…gotta get down on Friday…

Now, we have a new song that wishes to be the next sensation: Alison Gold’s Chinese Food. Yep, it’s just as bad, guys.

This time, we don’t have a young girl driving underage with all of her equally underage friends, singing about what particular day they like to party on. No. We now have a young girl, singing about her love of Cho-me-me-me-mein. On the surface, it seems kind of cute. Similar to when I was young and used to write songs about balloons that mysteriously had the same tune as whatever Atomic Kitten track was out at that time.


However, this isn’t a song about your simple egg fried rice. Oh, no. With an intro of a Chinese man cooking and shouting angrily at the camera, you understand that this video might tread over some fine lines. One aspect of this video (which is bordering on this line) is the lonely, creepy panda, who mid-through the song ends up being Patrice Wilson (singer of ‘Happy,’ the official sequel to ‘Friday’). The best bit about this? He attends her sleepover. Pencil Face, move out of the way.


What’s the most offensive part of the Chinese Food video? The appearance of two girls dressed, kimonos and all, as Geishas. If you’re going to enforce every Chinese stereotype, why would you then throw in Geishas, a part of Japanese culture? The ignorance alone makes this video insulting. It’s nearly on par with the racism in Florence and the Machine’s video, No Light, No Light.

The video is already at the 4.5 million mark, and I’m sure it will be even more popular when I’ve finished this article. What is sickening the most is that the people behind the song and video, (Patrice Wilson, Heath Ripplinger, Chris Lowe, Ian Hotchkiss) probably know all too well what they are doing here. Controversy sells. All we have to do is look at Miley and her accessorising of black culture to know this, with one of her songwriters, Timothy Theron, stating that when she wanted a song, she knew what sound she was looking for. She apparently told him, ‘I want urban, I just want something that just feels Black.’

It’s getting tiring for singers/songwriters/producers/directors/whatever testing the waters to see how far they can push the limits. Chinese Food is a part of this kitschy, internet spoof-pop and tries to come across as being a light-hearted joke, but this time it’s not funny. But if controversy gives them youtube hits, I wonder if they really care? I doubt it.


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