American Horror Story: Third Time’s the Charm


‘There is a house in New Orleans…’

Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story is launching into round three after the previous season drew in  5.79 million viewers from the first episode.  After last season, which was a whirlwind of nun’s, Nazi’s, mutilated asylum patients and, of course, aliens, it does make you scratch your head to what Murphy can possibly do with the show next. Oh, but don’t worry. This time, it’s the witching hour.

It’s not exactly Cackle’s Academy…

Now, I first off want to state I am a huge AHS fan. See? I even abbreviated. Yet, with the first two series, the show hit a slump somewhere or another. In season one, we are introduced to the Harmon’s: a broken family, who move away from their house of bad memories only to become residents of the Murder House. That’s right: Murder House (it’s a part of a murder tour and everything). The show starts off with a bang, introducing us to strange activities in the basement and the creepy neighbours next door who continuously break into the house. From the first episode, there’s tension, there’s intrigue and there’s plenty of twists and turns. It’s all uphill…well, until the final episode.  It’s not that it was bad, it just wasn’t great. I expected fireworks, Murphy, fireworks! Instead, I got this bland half ending that I really could have taken or left.


Really, Murphy, you’re going to end it like…that?

Then, we had American Horror Story: Asylum. The series that supposedly has all of Murphy’s personal fears all wrapped up in a not-so-nice package. Now, I decided to look past series one’s hiccups. This was down to Murphy deciding to do something different and take a fresh canvas into a new, creepy setting, and he brought half of his old cast with him (thank God, because we need more Jessica Lange!). Again, it started off well, with the main protagonist, Kit Walker (Evan Peters), whose wife gets abducted by aliens, which gets him into a bit of a pickle and, eventually, into a mental health asylum. Here, the asylum is run by an authoritarian figure, Sister Jude Martin (Jessica Lange), who keeps the asylum running under strict rules and stricter punishments. I was just as enthralled as I was with the first series, but by the time it hit the halfway point, my attention started to dither. Too many story-lines. Too much happening at once. And then a musical number out of nowhere? (To be fair, it was pretty catchy). However, if Murphy learnt anything, it was his mistakes from series one. Yes, the ending was pretty decent and gave me a new love of actress Sarah Paulson.

We’re about to start American Horror Story: Coven, and so far, it’s looking good. The teaser trailers have left me intrigued and thirsty for more. Plus, I’ve had The House of the Rising Sun in my head for the past two weeks. One of the reasons why this season could be the best yet is down to one factor: the cast. Again, we have veterans Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe and Sarah Paulson re-joining the third installment, but we also have a few newcomers: the Oscar winning actress, Kathy Bates, the Oscar nominated, Gabourey Sidibie and, y’know, Julia Robert’s niece, Emma Roberts. Also, from AHS season one, Denis ‘I will eat your children!’ O’Hare and Taissa Farmiga (who’s become a favourite actress of mine after her Bling Ring stint) will be returning.


As the countdown for series three commences, I am feeling optimistic. I mean, there’s an episode called ‘Bitch Craft’, so if it’s not going to be terrifying, it’s at least going to fun. So, get ready for the witches, get ready for the voodoo and the love triangles, and most importantly, get ready for Jessica Lange.

American Horror Story: Coven will start tonight at 10pm on FX.

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