What We Love This Week… Adult Wednesday Addams

October has been completely taken over by the holiday of Halloween.

It might not be as big a deal as it is in America, but it’s still holds a special spooky place in my heart. Mostly because it combines two of my favourite things, dressing up and eating sweets (I swear I’m an adult).

A family that I will always associate with the autumn sweet giving festival is the Addams family.  These eccentric characters embraced hobbies and crafts that the ‘regular folk’ might consider morbid, strange, even scary. All while being a fabulous example of what a loving and welcoming family unit was supposed to be.

 My personal favourite Addams was Wednesday, and not just because she attempted numerous times to ‘kill’ her younger brother Pugsley. There was something about the Wednesday Addams I grew up with that embodied the spirit of the clan’s credo Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc (We gladly feast on those who would subdue us). My favourite scene from the second Addams Family movie is when she takes on the role of ‘Pocahontus’ and leads a Native American revolt on the European settlers during the Thanksgiving play. For a long time, Christina Ricci was the only Wednesday for me, until a stumbled upon (yet another) web series.

Adult Wednesday Addams, is updated every Wednesday (of course) and follows a Ricci-based Wednesday as she navigates the life of we ‘millennials’ including living away from home, applying for jobs, on-line dating and the dealing with the infamous one night stand.

 With the seasonal spookiness reaching climax tomorrow I thought we could all enjoy the hard work that was put in to the writing and character casting and just drown a little in the nostalgia. Maybe even throw an Addams Family themed party? Who knows! Happy Halloween!


Time For A Little (More) Gail Simone Appreciation

Gail Simone: Professional Badass

Gail Simone: Professional Badass

For those of you who aren’t comic book nerds, Gail Simone is one of the most prominent lady writers in comic-dom. She’s one of the best team book writers I’ve ever read, and her runs on Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey and Secret Six for DC not only updated and developed characters such as Black Canary, Huntress and Cat Man in the most delicious of ways, but she also was never afraid to touch upon the Big Issues. In fact, for those of you who remember the fantastic DC Animated Movie Wonder Woman, she was part of the writing duo that brought one of the best realisations of the amazon’s character to the screen.

Alright, some of you might say. So she’s a woman in comics. Big deal.

For a start, Simone was the ONLY female writer in the first run of the New 52. Yes. In the initial FIFTY-TWO new titles that DC launched in 2011, there was ONE female writer. How’s that for Fridge Horror?


Think about it…

Since 2011, DC has tepidly reached out to the other fifty percent of the world’s population and expanded the number of women writers, with Ann Nocenti and Christy Marx taking over Catwoman and Birds of Prey respectively (because that’s what women know about right? Heaven forbid a girl should start writing Batman).

There are a lot of comic book writers whose work is servely lacking, and as much as I would like to see otherwise, the girls can often write stuff just as lousy as the boys.

So Gail Simone is writing in a pretty thankless environment, and has survived DC trying to drop her ass from Batgirl, despite her run being critically acclaimed and a commercial success. And if you drop your A-Game a little, some bitch like me is right up your asshole complaining.

But Simone is a ‘fan favourite’. And you know why? Not because she has tits and is literate.

Because she is a FANTASTIC writer, and she deserves a great deal of the credit she gets.

You wouldn’t catch Simone doing a run on a team book and having characters left underdeveloped. She’d develop the shit out of them. Her storylines ensure that each character has a moment to shine.

However, the proof of her brilliance is really in her Batgirl run.

I have never, ever, ever, not once forever, liked the character of Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl. No. She’s just so irritating. Little know-it-all. I’ve tried Barbara’s Batgirl runs with an open mind- Gil Gane’s The Greatest Stories Ever Told collection and Simone’s The Darkest Reflection– but she is just so bloody annoying! Also her nickname is Babs. Babs. In a world where all women are drawn with double Zs, this is unfortunate. And she goes out with Nightwing, so… Babs and Dick.

So, grudgingly, and only because it was free and Twitter’s been squeezing about it, I picked up Batgirl issue 22 and 23, and, despite having missed about ten issues, and deliberately coming to it with an attitude of disdain and hatred, I- well….

I really liked it.

It was really good.

Batgirl 23: A Game Changer

Batgirl 23: A Game Changer

Simone’s always been good at pushing her characters, but Babs, and the supporting cast, find themselves in emotionally torturous situations that are not only engrossing, but also make you empathise with them (as comics have become progressively more leery and horrible to their characters, this is a rarity). Commissioner Gordon, in one display of Bad-assery, actually PUNCHES Batman. There’s even an evil superheroine trying to kill some of our beloved characters in order to cover her vigilante ass. This is a thriller, bitches, in the kind of nitty Gotham style that I thought Greg Rucka owned, but Gail Simone, you proved you rule every type of comic, not just team books, and I am loving it.

Simone’s work, already pretty damn good, has matured- we’re free now of the ironic fan service-y fights in swimming pools between Black Canary and Cheshire, and it makes her work an awful lot stronger.

And I will be reading more of Batgirl, damn you.

And I’ll even pay for it.

What We Love This Week… Lorde!

If I hear the words: “The next big thing” one more time then I may have to go on a rampage with a rusty saw whilst “Madame Butterfly” plays very loudly in the background! It seems artists today cannot be original, there are so many Next Adeles out there I’m surprised the woman in question could pick out herself in a line-up. But lo and behold, the answers to my prayers came from New Zealand of all places with the introduction of Lorde!


She’s been on everyone’s lips since her single “Royals” hit airwaves earlier this year and dominated the charts across the world. How do you like that One Direction?! You’re not the only teens kicking butt on the music scene this year! At the tender age of sixteen, she’s already achieved more than most artists dare to dream of. Her secret? She’s an original.

With her spooky features, chunky boots and a voice that gives me the chills in all the right places, Lorde has spent the best part of her life locked in the studio clicking into microphones and writing passionate yet delicate lyrics. Having been sighed to Universal when she was twelve she’s spent a good four years developing her unique sound and now she’s reaping the rewards with global acclaim, album sales a plenty and her dignity remains well and truly in her back pocket. The next Lorde is just around the corner, I’m sure, but right now we’re loving the original!

Women and Weight Part 2: Why do we do this to ourselves?

It’s funny what women will do if it’s fashionable–and damn we have done some pretty weird stuff in the pursuit of beauty. Whether it’s plucking off all our eyelashes and eyebrows in the 18th century or wearing rib-braking corsets in the 19th century will do it for beauty. Each century brings about a new ideal of beauty and new extremes of how to get there. The latest fixation of the past 30 years has been weight i.e the need to be thin. Weight is consistently in the news whether it is about skinny celebrities or the obesity crisis; our society is obsessed.

This obsession has caused major repercussions within our society in the form of eating disorders, mental illness and even death among the western world, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Every trend in fashion has been exactly that – a trend. So sit back and be amazed at the dumb things we as a race have done to ourselves in the name of beauty.


Head binding is found amongst a huge variety of ancient civilisation, but it is most well known with the connection with the Maya’s. Head binding or ‘Artificial cranial deformation’ was a trend of both genders. It was done by distorting the normal growth of a child’s skull by applying force, normally around month after birth till the child was six months old. A child’s head would be placed in-between two pieces of wood which would be bound with a cloth in order to get the desired shape. The reason for these shaping was that they wanted their children to look like their gods heads which they thought was beautiful.



Foot binding also known as “Lotus feet”, is a custom from China, which is a painful process of applying tight bindings to the feet of young girls to prevent further growth. Small feet where seen as a feminine trait and seen as very beautiful in China. To the point it was thought hard for a women to find a husband if she had large feet.

Foot binding became even more popular as a means of displaying status (as women from wealthy families who did not need them to work, could afford to have their feet bound) it was soon adopted as a symbol of beauty across Chinese culture.

The foot binding process was undergone purely by young girl aged between 4-7 years old. It began by soaking the young child’s feet in warm water or animal blood with added herbs. After soaking the feet, the girl’s toe nails were to be clipped short and given a foot massage (sound’s okay so far). Next, every toe would be broken except for the big toe. Due the fact the big toe contributes a lot to balance. Then the foot was wrapped with cloth. Every day, or every couple of days, the foot would be unwrapped and wrapped again; the girl was put into smaller shoes until their foot was about 4 inches long.

Despite people trying to ban foot biding all the way back in 1664, it was not until the early 20th century that foot binding began to finally die out, due to changing social conditions and as a result of anti-foot binding campaigns. Foot-binding resulted in lifelong disabilities for most of those subjected to it, and some elderly Chinese women still survive today, with disabilities related to their bound feet.

feet photo


Most women today remove some form of hair whether it’s shaving their legs or plucking their mono-brow into shape. But would you believe it that women once plucked out all of their eyebrows!!! Okay, okay maybe after watching Educating Yorkshire that is very easy to believe.

However during the Middle Ages, even until the 18th century, eyelashes were not in style. Yes eyelashes! Women during this time women removed eyelashes and eyebrows in order to give more importance to the forehead, (so they didn’t even draw them back on) which was seen as one of the most beautiful features of a women’s face.

Women were not supposed to exhibit any of their hair in public, not their eyelashes, eyebrows or hair on their heads. This was due to the fact that the Catholic Church condemned women who dared show hair as an offense to God and the church, and as a sin.



In Burma’s hilly Chin province, women have had full-facial tattoos for generations. It is a cultural tradition, a rite of passage and for many a sign of beauty, strength and pride.

The practice was believed to have begun a long time ago, when the kings in Burma found out about the beauty of Chin women and teenagers. These kings began kidnapping the village’s women, they would come into the village and basically pick out the women they wanted before then take them away. In response to that, the village elders (who were women) started tattooing the girls as a measure against the king’s actions. It was a form of rebellion, a way to steal their young daughter’s beauty: a sacrifices they felt necessary in order to protect them from abduction and much worse.

Although it was once something to make them ugly, over time these women became to view themselves as beautiful. It soon became came a symbol of strength and of feminine beauty. With different tribes having different patterns, women with tattooed faces became a symbol of pride for the Chin. Promoting a positive view of Chin women among the tribes as being not only beautiful but also tough.

This practice has started to die out due to the fact that it is no longer needed and is a painful process that the village elders do not wish young girls to go through. Especially if all it will do now days is alienate their daughters from the outside world.



During the Victorian period, the ideal figure for a woman to have an hourglass figure. It soon became mandatory for all British women to wear corsets to get the figure. With women who did not wear these corsets were branded loose women, with loose morals. However, there was every reason not to wear corsets, as they were death traps. Corsets where known to break ribs or put so much pressure on the ribs they indented some of the internal organs. They caused women to pass out, have miscarriages and die.



I know what you’re thinking. Well that’s all in the past how silly where those women but still to this day women are mutilating their bodies for beauty. You only have to go and look online to see the millions of fad diets or watch TV to see all the women pinned back and tucked into an inch of their life. It all looks so painless, so easy. I mean, a face lift will only set you back a couple of grand nowadays and with all the new painkiller medication you will barely feel the three month headache. What’s a three month headache when you have your face cut off and stabled on again?

So what if all these diets cause malnutrition, really what side effects could these diets cause to the body? Well apart from feeling tired all the time and lacking energy, taking a long time to recover from infections, delayed wound healing, irritability, poor concentration, finding it hard to keep warm, persistent diarrhoea, depression, abnormal blood counts, elevated liver enzymes, seizure, brittle nails, hair that thins, breaks or falls out, absence of menstruation, dry skin, irregular heart rhythms, low blood pressure, dehydration. But at least women are thin.

At the end of it all, women have done a lot of things to their bodies over the years, most of which have been painful and unhealthy. Most of which is not seen as smart or beautiful in today’s standards. All of which have been phases, trends that have died out and were brought about by crisis, pressure or the need to be beautiful.  So will the need to be thin die out? Yes. Will people stop starving themselves and throwing up after every meal? Eventually.

Russell Brand: A Real ‘Waldo’


A 4chan user with an open thesaurus at his desk could come up with the argument Russell Brand made on 23rd of October’s Newsnight when he was interviewed by Jeremy Paxman. Oh, the environment! Oh, economic ‘disparity’! Oh, ‘ignoring the needs of the many’!

Wow, Russell. Please tell me more about your ideas on policies? What’s that? You don’t have any? Then don’t waste the world’s time pretending to be Oliver Cromwell. Yet, people are falling for this act. There are many acting like it’s 1789 France and that the people are going to pick up their pitchforks and storm the Bastille. Facebook pages such as ‘Russell Brand for Prime Minister‘  really show the level of enthusiasm for the man. Yet this seems to go against even the adolescent level of observations Brand discusses.

We can all see where Mr Brand is coming from. Everyone has had moments in their lives where they disagree with the Political system. Yes, there are problems in the world, problems that all human beings should be passionate about, and yes, our government is imperfect. However, Brand offered no solutions or theories, simply stringing polysyllabic words together and throwing in ‘revolution’ willy-nilly.

Paxman questioned in the interview, “Is it true you don’t even vote?” Brand has never voted. By that stance, Brand is discouraging those who see him as role model to vote. He even states, “Why would I encourage a constituency of young people to vote?  Voting is a rite, not a requirement. As much as you choose who to vote for, you also reserve the option of abstaining. He shouldn’t vote because, as you can read in his article for The New Statesman, he is too discouraged by the idea of the political system to fully understand any policies or bills put forward by parties. The main problem with our system is that we are encouraged to vote based on things we could not truly understand, such as the EU trade agreements and the economy.

I agree with Brand that we should question the nature of voting. Why should I have a valid opinion on something I have never been fully educated on? However, Russell Brand’s idea of encouraging all not to vote would throw our country into an anarchist society based on lack of knowledge. Why shouldn’t a professor of Economy have a vote on Banking Reform? Why wouldn’t a Doctor have a vote on Healthcare? It even seems to stick a middle finger up to all that have battled, starved and given up their lives for the basic rite to vote. He insults people like Emily Davison, and with Brand having such a strong female following I can’t help but feel a guttural sense of disgust for his lack of respect for his own fans.

If you look past his extended vocabulary, I come from the kind of social conditions that are exacerbated by an indifferent system that really just administrates for large corporations and ignores the population that it was voted in to serve’, none of what he says is actually grounded with facts or anything more than passing observations. He even boarders on shouting Illuminati level conspiracy theories at one point when asked how he thinks politicians get into power, I imagine there are hierarchal systems that have been preserved through generations’. Just like the politician’s he is criticising, he too refuses to answer Paxman’s questions directly, often completely diverting the question to something he previously stated before making him repeat himself like a Creationist Republican.

The Left-Wing media are going wild for Russell Brand’s bait. And when I say ‘bait’, that’s exactly what it is. This was a stunt, full of half-baked political rants with no real substance. The biggest annoyance of this media storm is to see much respected papers like the Guardian placing him upon a pedestal on the backs of the people (most likely because of the amount they have invested into the persona of Russell over the years). You could even compare him to the character ‘Waldo’ from Charlie Brooker’s last episode of the fantastic series, ‘Black Mirror’. Russell Brand speaks of the UK’s problems, which are already common knowledge of voters. Everyone is angry at bankers and no one wants global warming. But like Waldo, he is an avatar of anger with no solution. If Brand did run for Government, I am sure he would get elected, but after that the only thing I can see Mr Brand doing is panic.


You should be watching: The Bravest Warriors

Hey you!

Yes, You!

The person reading this off of their laptop screen. Firstly, I apologize for my aggressive internet poking, secondly; do you happen to like Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, that bizarre yet incredibly nostalgic cartoon that everyone between the ages of 6 and 40 seems to be watching now-a-days?

If you haven’t you’re missing out on a math-matical time

You do?

Well do you know that Pendleton Ward has another brainchild on the internet that combines the same crazy plot line, unique animation style and colourful characters? Are you looking for something with all of this and a lot more dirty jokes than Adventure Time?

Let me tell you of the Bravest Warriors.

The Bravest Warriors can be found on the Youtube channel CartoonHangover. Four (racially diverse- because woah that doesn’t happen often enough) friends who are a team of heroes who travel the universe helping strange, terrifying, and sometimes cute aliens… all the while trying to figure out the how to release their parent’s from the mysterious See-Through-Zone. You’re gonna love it. Now on to the second season I can guarantee you at least one hour of joy.

But don’t take my word for it, here’s the first episode.

And if that hasn’t hooked you in. There is a character who is slightly more adorable than BMO.

Look at the precious precious thing


What We Love this Week… Sexy Ghosts!

Halloween is just around the corner. Yaaay! It’s the time of year we can all get together and watch scary movies, eat buckets full of sweets and dress up as monsters. What’s not to love about halloween. But unfortunately for women, as each year comes back around, the costumes seem to get less scary and more well… slutty. Slutty cat, sexy witch, slutty pumpkins . Fear not, for we have stumbled across the slutty ghost! So if you don’t know what to go as this year, you do now!

sexy ghoust