Russia: Picking up the American Dream – A Warning to Europe

Putin Pride

Nothing can overstate the inhumanity of any form of torture. But when people take it upon themselves to commit such horrific acts of brutality, we need to question how or why? What enables such extreme acts of hate in ordinary people?

With the huge push for gay marriage around the world, (France and Argentina leading the way) Russia’s new ‘anti-gay’ laws have stolen the centre stage. These laws ban any form of gay ‘propaganda’, and seem to have caused a domino effect on the Russian state of mind, with groups justifying the homosexual lynchings. Men and woman kidnapped, beaten, tortured and even killed on camera by NeoNazi groups. But why now?

The EU and the US like to pretend that Russia is still a straight forward dictatorship, as if we are still in the cold war, and Putin is simply the contrary, almost pantomime villain in the corner. However, it seems in recent years Putin’s party (United Russia, with so called ‘centrist conservative policies’) are in fact pandering to voting demographics, more specifically the Orthodox Christians.

This is not a new political tactic. It is in fact one of the most successful tactics a party could enact. We in the developed west like to pretend we wouldn’t be seduced by such simplicity, we think of ourselves to be too educated, but it already has dug its claws into our society.

The American Republican party never used to be so dominated by the inner circles of the hyper-religious, creationist Tea party. In 1974, Republican strategist Paul Weyrich developed a tactic to tap into a huge, completely new, undecided demographic. The Christian public (mainly the Evangelicals) now known politically as ‘The New Right’. These people had been previously told not to vote by their ministers. So, the Republicans began supporting ‘pro-life’ and other fundamentalist opinions, meaning that ministers could now justify preaching conservative policies to their congregations.

This span out of control.

The New Right wanted more. After Watershed, Paul Weyrich even stated “We are talking about Christianizing America. We are talking about simply spreading the gospel in a political context”. Thus, we have the sinister hilarity of such inhumane beings of Sarah Palin. A party that argue how gay marriage will lead to bestiality, paedophilia and other such ridiculous claims. People who claim that Russia’s laws are not homophobic, but ‘homorealistic’ – American Family Association.

Make no mistake, this is the Christian version of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood began as an attempt to put Islamic law in place of federal laws in Egypt. They felt only the laws of God should be upheld and any opinion against this was blasphemy. Now Russia has a Blasphemy law, where Russian’s are now legally forbidden speak against the church to defend themselves and their sexuality. This law has already incarcerated two members of the feminist group ‘Pussy Riot’for demonstrating in the Moscow Cathedral Christ the Saviour. Tolokonnikova and Alyokhina both received two years in hard labour camps 400 kilometres from their homes.

Putin and Orthodox

What can the UK do about this? Stephen fry called to boycott the 2014 Winter Olympics, and maybe we should. We should certainly be offering asylum for gay russian citizens. One thing is for definite is that we should learn from the atrocities that have occurred these past few weeks.

Before July 17th this year, we were still discussing gay marriage in the UK. It was a depressing site to see Conservative voters and Tory MP’s winning a majority in polls AGAINST gay marriage. Cameron risked his career to support homosexuality and I commend him. He went against his party, and even his voters, but he did the right thing, however his backbenchers did not. These people openly supported the archaic views of Christianity. We must not let the new right dig it’s talons of hate into Britain. We cannot allow for our own Michele Bachman. Find out what your MP voted, and see if you are comfortable having a bigot representing you.


One thought on “Russia: Picking up the American Dream – A Warning to Europe

  1. Of course homosexuality is like bestiality. What? You can’t “love” a dog? I’ve heard lots of “pet” owners who say they “love” their animals, and apparently homosexuals think love and sex are the same thing, so I don’t see why homosexual pet owners wouldn’t just have sex with their dogs and cats.

    (I’m proud to be heterosexual, by the way.)

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