Music On The Go: “Gun” By Chvrches

Scotland has produced some kick ass people over the years. There’s Franz Ferdinand, Calvin Harris, Susan Boyle of course and Glasvegas if that’s what you’re into. And those Glaswegians have done it again, giving is the synthpop group, Chvrches. They came fifth in the BBC Sound of 2013 but they’re not letting that get them down as they release this awesome tune, “Gun” from their upcoming debut studio album, The Bones of What You Believe. Hitting a very 90s cocaine induced beat, the crystal clear tones of lead singer Lauren Mayberry sings a song of getting sad… and then even. It’s light and fun with a very sinister undertone and I’m pretty sure these guys won’t be coming fifth again any time soon.


One thought on “Music On The Go: “Gun” By Chvrches

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