Is Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” Video Sexy Or Sexist?

God really does love a trier, and Robin Thicke has been busting his musical hump all over Hollywood town for years. He’s had a couple of top tens, neigh,  twenties and his albums always seem to be treading water in the top half of the charts but now he’s finally onto a winner with a catchy new tune “Blurred Lines” and a video that is causing women everywhere, and YouTube, to wince with embarrassment.


Robin Thicke and model Emily Ratajkowski in the video for single “Blurred Lines”

“Blurred Lines” is a hook up between one of the sexiest voices in the world, Mr. Thicke, and the leader of the musical pack, Pharrell Williams. There isn’t anything Mr. Williams can’t do in the charts these days. He’s already dominated with his Daft Punk collaboration “Get Lucky” and is currently working with the hottest people on the R&B circuit… and Miley Cyrus. Joining the boys on this summer smasher is T.I. whose prison sentence kept his out of the charts last year and is enjoying a comeback into the European market with this track. “But what about the video?” I hear you cry. Well, “Blurred Lines” is ultimately a song about sexy people doing sexy things in a manner that is quite sexy and as such the video should be equally as sexy, right? Of course! Sex sells! It’s an age old statement that could not be more true. It’s so true it hurts! With Rihanna and Gaga showing more skin these days than an episode of Embarrassing Bodies, it’s wise to say that naked women in provocative poses are hear to stay!

But what makes “Blurred Lines” such an excellent song is it’s class. Now, if you Google the lyrics you’ll see it’s hardly Fitzgerald in it’s depiction of women but the stripped back production, the perfect harmonies and the chic use of stark instruments make it a throw back to the soul era of the seventies, rehashing the likes of Keith Sweat and Earth, Wind & Fire. However, as the video kicks in with its flushes pink background and the uses of “#Robin Thicke” littering the screen we are greeted to the sight of bare-chested women in very short shorts holding various forms of animals whilst Mr. Thicke pulls them by their hair, walks them like dogs and sings into their feet about how he wishes to liberate them from their controlling boyfriends. Sexy? Maybe. Classy? No.


Pharrell Williams and model Jessi M’Bengue in the music video for “Blurred Lines”

Considering YouTube banned the video after several hours due to the army of fourteen-year-old pre-pubers rushing to see it should indicate the world’s thoughts on Diane Martel’s directing style. At one point, an emaciated brunette is seen dancing in front of some silver balloons that read, Robin Thick Has A Big D, which makes everyone in the world more convinced that this statement is completely false. If you have to put in your video, Robbie, then we’re less inclined to believe you.

I can’t imagine women necessarily being offended by it, more depressed by it. The video has no story line that I can find: it’s just an advert for expensive vodka and exhibitionism for women who haven’t eaten a full meal since they were sixteen. There is so much that this video could have been; there could have been a heated love triangle a la Gatsby or possibly a chance for the boys to express everything they love about the woman in their lives as opposed to whatever this is. I’m all for female liberation both physically and socially, but this video is essentially a reminder that the age of trashy videos is far from over….


2 thoughts on “Is Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” Video Sexy Or Sexist?

  1. Love this line “it’s just an advert for expensive vodka and exhibitionism for women who haven’t eaten a full meal since they were sixteen.” Just brilliant!

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